We start by focusing on quality and value.

We work hard to provide “commonly used” produce items.

We know “commonly used” is subjective, but what we mean is this: we do not give you a box full of items you can’t name. We do, however, give an interesting item here and there.

We think our customers say it best:

"As I am pulling things out of my box I think, well ok, I could make this with this. It is sort of like being a ‘Chopped’ contestant, like what am I going to make with the ingredients in my box." – Maggie

No. You can order when you want.

Subscriptions are billed on Monday.

The order deadline for same week delivery is Tuesday night at 11:59 pm

We source locally grown produce when available. But we also supplement our boxes with items that are out-of-season or not available locally.